View our range of eco-friendly cleaning products. We buy the liquid items in 20l drums and offer a refill service. SESI take all their 20l drums back for reuse and refill meaning their products are zero waste from manufacturer to consumer.

You need to bring your own bottles to collection.

Prices are listed per litre but you can order in amounts of 0.5l and 0.75l, too. 

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SESI Non-bio Laundry Liquid
£2.50 per litre


> 5%: non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, phospononate, preservatives (benzisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol).
SESI Fabric Conditioner
£2.00 per litre


< 5% Non-ionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, perfume
SESI Spiced Ginger Washing Up Liquid
£2.00 per litre


5-10%: Anionic surfactant, < 5%: non-ionic surfactant, amphoteric surfactants, preservative (phenoxyethanol), perfume (contains citral, linalool, geraniol, limonene).
SESI All Purpose Surface Cleaner
£2.00 per litre


> 5%: Non-ionic surfactants. Sonic surfactants, Cationic surfactants, Preservative (Phenoxyethanol), Perfume
SESI White Vinegar
£1.00 per litre


>30% Water, 4.8% Acetic Acid
SESI English Rose Liquid Hand Soap
£6.00 per litre


Water, salt, SLES, glycol disleafate, sodium laureth sulphate, cocoamide MEA, glycerine, coconut derived surfactant, fragrance (English Rose), citric acid, aloe vera gel, preservative (2 - bromo-2-nitropropane-1-3-diol)
Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets
£12.58 per box of 70 tablets

Contains amongst other ingredients:

> 5% - < 15% oxygen based bleach agents; < 5% non ionic surfactants; also contains: enzymes (protease, amylase), lemon essential oil (limonene).
£1.60 per kg


Non-edible bicarbonate of soda
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