Naked Larder came about because of the real need for us to change our shopping habits. We seek to find more sustainable ways to shop. Practices that reduce the huge volumes of packaging, in particular plastic, created throughout the world today. We feel that reducing the use of packaging, rather than recycling, is the key element. Recycling is energy intensive and much does still end up in landfill or the oceans. 

My name is Phili Denning and I started Naked Larder. I’m fed up with packaging waste. Even though our family reduce and recycle as much as possible, our bin is still frustratingly full of packaging. I can source my fruit, vegetables, and the small amounts of meat and fish that we eat, fairly easily without packaging, but it’s the basic groceries and dry goods such as pasta, rice, cereal, nuts and so on, which can still be hard to source packaging free.

Supermarkets and other shops often offer very few options to minimise packaging, and where there are other options these can cost considerably more. I’ve noticed my shopping bill increase significantly as I try to buy the packaging free items.


So the concept of Naked Larder was born. Our aim is to provide a place where people can come to source these items with minimal packaging. We choose ethical and sustainable suppliers so the concept is supported throughout the supply chain.


We do our best to provide these services in such a way that costs remain as low as possible. Naked Larder strives to connect like minded people who wish to do their part to minimise the impact humans are having on the environment. Spread the word and the message.


From small beginnings, I hope the Naked Larder community will grow, continue to raise awareness and enable people to change their shopping habits for a better future.


Let’s make our shopping packaging free!




Founder and owner of Naked Larder