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Press release 25 March 2021

Naked Larder, the unique South London packaging-free business which operates out of a home based garage, is expanding to Hastings; opening a second operation in Trinity Hall, Braybrooke Terrace.


The business, established in 2018 by Herne Hill resident Phili Denning, currently provides South Londoners with a different, but cost-effective, way to shop for dry goods and eco-friendly cleaning products which are packaging-free and sustainably and ethically sourced. Naked Larder’s unique way of operating without an actual shop, ensures overheads are minimal and prices are competitive with supermarket own brands.


Since its inception approximately three years ago, Naked Larder Herne Hill has eliminated plastic waste equivalent to that normally found in 200,000 packets of food and 20,000 plastic bottles.

Commenting on the expansion to Hastings, Phili Denning, owner of Naked Larder Herne Hill, said:


“Naked Larder has exceeded our expectations in terms of the demand for packaging free goods at competitive prices. Having listened to our customers and discussed our offer with many who are passionate about helping our environment, we realised that we needed to expand outside of London and make our low-cost model available to a wider audience. Hastings, with its independent spirit and seaside community, who are witnessing first-hand the devastation that can be caused by plastic waste, was the ideal choice for our new operation.


“We decided that working in partnership with others to set up their own Naked Larders was the best way forward for us, as we are still a small, family-run business. We started looking for likeminded people, fully aligned with the ethos of Naked Larder, to run our new operation and when we met Colin, who is also lead for Plastic Free Hastings, we knew he was the perfect person to open the Hastings branch.”


Colin Darbyshire, owner, Naked Larder Hastings, added:


“I am incredibly excited to be opening Naked Larder Hastings. Having met Phili and seen Naked 

Larder in action, I knew that opening the Hastings branch and helping extend the great work the London business has already achieved, was something I had to become part of. I am passionate about reducing waste and cannot wait to take this business to the next level.” 

Full details for Naked Larder Hastings, including products available, registration and ordering processes and collection dates are available on the website

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