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"My kids use to want Haribos but since trying your almonds, that's all they want!"

Polly, February 2020


"I’m so delighted at the success of Naked Larder, which offers highly affordable un-packaged food and goods. Because of Naked Larder my shopping experience is transformed, I am almost zero waste, I don't have to go into supermarkets, I am eating super healthy food, I am saving money, and shopping is a monthly joy.”

Andrea, September 2019

We really do need Naked Larders dotted all over the country!

Shaheda, September 2019

I just love Naked Larder. It's a joy to come and feels like you guys are creating something so good and positive.

Josephine, June 2019

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to shop package free its been such a great experience and now all the family are becoming much more aware of their own plastic consumption too. Thanks!!

Joanna, February 2019

Everything is really good quality (dried fruit and nuts especially!). I also find it more reasonable than the supermarkets. But more than that this is a lovely way to shop and makes a huge difference to the amount of plastic you consume! Less Plastic, cheaper better quality! What’s not to like!

Helen, September 2018


Love this philosophy - and it works! An easy way for me, as a local business, to reduce plastic waste (and incredibly well organised and thought through by Phili at Naked Larder). Sign up!

Parlour Cafe, September 2018

Naked Larder is a brilliant idea - a way of buying staple foods and household stuff without plastic packaging. It's great to have the chance to cooperate with other south Londoners to do something we all value. Best raisins ever too!

Amanda, September 2018

I'm very happy with the ordering process, and the quality of the goods has exceeded our expectations. It's reassuring to know that Phili puts a great deal of thought into the goods she stocks to ensure they are sustainable as well as plastic free.

Nancy, March 2018


I'm so delighted with my stash of plastic free delights! Thanks Phili Denning and Naked Larder crew! 

Flora, March 2018

So efficient and well run, we loved it and will definitely be back.

Lizzie, March 2018

Very impressed by the set-up - and what a lovely atmosphere!...the prunes, apricots and raisins are really great - and the couscous is way better than what I've been getting from the supermarket.

Celia, March 2018

I was impressed by your setup - professional yet homely. 

Alan, March 2018

Absolutely thrilled with my first purchases from Naked Larder. The whole process was so easy. Excellent way of cutting down on plastic consumption, and excellent value products too.

Pippa, January 2018

It was so quick and convenient and we are loving our goods.

Ben, January 2018

What a treat to get to be a part of this little community! I brought my daughter along to collect our food this evening and we both enjoyed the entire process. The quality was much better than I expected (particularly the dried fruit!) and Phili was absolutely lovely. We're both already looking forward to our next pickup!

Bethie, January 2018

We did our first Naked Larder order last week, and it was great.  Shedding some of that plastic wrap and packaging was very satisfying.  Highly recommended. 

Jason, January 2018

The prunes are amazing!!

Sophie, January 2018

I love the Naked Larder! A great way to reduce your environmental impact and save some money at the same time. What's not to love? 
Phili the founder researches really well and gives great customer service. And being part of it, has made me think more about waste generation and how we can reduce it.
Thanks Naked Larder!

Donna, December 2017

I love buying my goods from Naked Larder. Phili has done fantastic job setting up her business. She has given us all better chance to reduce plastic waste to minimum and at the same time we did not need to compromise on quality of goods we are buying. I hope her business thrives and her customer list expands.

Helena, December 2017

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